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You already know that we will be releasing a great acoustic live album, "An Acoustic Night At The Theatre", in the end of October. This album will also contain a brand new song, which is titled "Utopia"! It's a duet between Sharon and Chris Jones, we'll tell you more about him later! The single will also contain "Restless", recorded live at our show in Eindhoven in 2007. This single will only be available in stores in the Benelux from October 23rd, so if you want to have it you can order it on iTunes or through our webshop in a few weeks. Keep checking our website for more updates or join our newsletter or Twitter to get your updates automatically!


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2009-09-14 в 12:55 

We need a miracle! - No, we need to cheat!..
Спасибо за новости!


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